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      1. News
        • Guang Yang bearing manufacturing co., LTD., dalian is located in China of \"bearing\", dalian wafangdian city north street, covers an area of 18000 square meters, registered trademarks for \"ZWA\", the company wholeheartedly committed to research and development to create \"imported bearing replacement\", always adhere to the \"excellence, perfection, the product is
        • Wafangdian city in 2007, won the title of \"capital of Chinese bearing\". For several years, wafangdian bearing industry has developed rapidly, optimize industrial structure, technology improved, markedly enhance core competitiveness, market share significantly improve, become the country's largest bearing industry gathering area, maintain the advantage of \"of Chi
        • Liaoning dalian wafangdian city pledges inspect bureau in daily work, in order to cultivate brand work as the gripper, through product brand leading role to raise the level of science and technology, promote enterprise product quality and brand development path. Wafangdian at present, the 6 kinds of bearing products in liaoning province famous brand product, 17 kin
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