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      1. News
        Wafangdian bearing --China bearing

        Wafangdian city in 2007, won the title of \"capital of Chinese bearing\". For several years, wafangdian bearing industry has developed rapidly, optimize industrial structure, technology improved, markedly enhance core competitiveness, market share significantly improve, become the country's largest bearing industry gathering area, maintain the advantage of \"of Chinese bearing\".

        Wafangdian for several years, make full use of "of Chinese bearing" brand advantage, to transform the pattern of economic development as the main line, industrial structure adjustment as the gripper, with science and technology innovation as the breakthrough point, to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of bearing industry, realize the transformation from scale growth to quality and for our country in the bearing to the bearing strong power of the historical process and the development of equipment manufacturing industry has made an outstanding, historic contribution. Wafangdian city government establishment of the bearing industry development planning outline and the bearing city strategic development planning is scientific, forward-looking, guidance and basic, in line with national industrial policy and development focus, specific content, operable, can guide wafangdian bearing industry over the next five to 10 years of development.

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